Colorado Driver’s License Status

For getting a copy of the Colorado Driving Record and check your Colorado driver’s license status, you need to visit the Colorado DMV office. However, you can also do that in-person or with online service. After that, you will complete, sign, and date the DR 2559 form. The next thing you should do is to … Read more

Colorado Driver’s License Application

Types of Colorado Driver’s Licenses There is a specific set of instruction permit requirements for every type of driver’s license in Colorado. Class A, B, C With any of these commercial driver’s licenses (CDL), you will be capable of operating vehicle combinations with a GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) above 26,001 lb. Class A enables … Read more

Where is My Colorado Driver’s License Number?

Your driver’s license number is often essential to filling car-related paperwork. That’s when you go digging into your records, looking for the digits that can help you complete the paperwork. But you may have noticed that these numbers have become even more elusive with Colorado’s new driver’s license design. Instead of jumping right at you, … Read more

How to Get Your Colorado Driving Record

Driving in Colorado is a dream come true for most drivers. Let’s start with the fact that most drivers are keen on traffic rules. So, you seldom come across a reckless driver engaging in a drag race in the middle of the road. Also, Colorado has very few urban areas. Unless you’re driving through Boulder or Denver, … Read more

Colorado Drivers License Suspension

A license suspension or revocation may not seem like a possible reality to many people. After all, what would you have to be guilty of to face such a consequence? – Drunk driving, a hit or run, grand theft auto? The truth is that these are but a scratch on the surface when it comes … Read more

Colorado Drivers License Replacement

It is not uncommon for drivers to lose their licenses. They often have a hard time getting duplicate driver’s licenses in Colorado. That’s because a duplicate license isn’t issued when missing it. The same goes for licenses stolen by someone. This is especially true for adults having a Colorado driver’s license. The minor’s licenses can … Read more

Colorado Driver’s License Renewal

Perhaps your Colorado driver’s license is about to expire or it has already expired. Don’t drive with an expired driver’s license. It is illegal and you risk running into trouble if a law enforcement officer stops you for a traffic violation. While many people don’t regard it as a big deal, you should not leave … Read more