Driver’s License

Why Should You Check Your Driving License?

To ensure it is valid

Many drivers get confused and often do not know that their license is no longer valid, and many do not even know why. The reasons for such a thing are numerous, as are people who are misinformed or unaware of something that will be listed as a misdemeanor.

To make sure it has the right information

It is never out of place to check the accuracy as well as the timeliness of the information on your driver’s license. Often people are mistaken about the status or correctness of their driver’s license. In case of certain irregularities, that error will be exclusively attributed to drivers, and as drivers bear responsibility, it is recommended that they be responsible for themselves and something that comes down to traffic safety.

This is also a great way to check all the paperwork because in case you forgot to submit proof that you passed the driving test or any other documentation related to your data, that omission will be reflected in the driver’s license.

Driver’s License by State

How to Check if Your License is Valid?

Make sure to always have your full name, date of birth, and your driving license number somewhere near you!

Online License Checking

In modern times, doing this has become much easier than before, so you can check online. Of course, there are several options on how you can check and get a copy of your status, and these are some of them:

  • Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Secretary of State
  • Department of Revenue
  • Department of Public Safety
  • Motor Vehicle Division

You can also choose your country on a site like For this type of service, most states charge a small fee, often around $10 to access your information.

Personal Approach – Check if Your License is Suspended

You can also check this type of information in person by finding a place in your country where you can check it, and the advantage of this method is that you can get additional and verified information of interest to you live.

Check driver’s license by e-mail

This may be one of the slowest ways, but it is also proven and effective. You can fill out the form and send it to a specific address that you can find depending on where you live, and wait for a response within a couple of weeks.

How to Check Driver’s License Status in Different States

Reasons to Have Your Driving License Suspended

There are several reasons why your license could be suspended. These are most often traffic violations, but the reasons can also be hidden in other violations or disputes with the law. Read some of the most common reasons for this consequence below.

Numerous Moving Violations

In many countries, even all over the world, penalty points have been introduced, where penalty points are added to the driver for each offense, where after a certain number the driver is sanctioned by revoking the license for a certain period.

DUI – Driving under the influence

In addition to condemning the environment, driving under the influence of alcohol or illicit substances is subject to the law and severe penalties. Depending on the degree of violation and the drastic situation, penalties are determined, and the range of sanctions can range from penalty points or revocation of driving licenses for 6 months, all the way to the current revocation of driving licenses and further processing.

Driving without a License or with Suspended License

If you drive without a license this counts as a misdemeanor and of course, you will be held accountable if you are caught, so it is advisable to check your driver’s license as we have already stated and explained.

However, if you are persistent in offenses and irresponsible enough to drive with an already suspended license that you know has been suspended for some reason, then you will receive a subsequent penalty and for that and learn the lesson of responsibility the hard way, again. Fines can be fines, about $ 1,500 if convicted, and can be up to 5 years in prison if the offense is greater.

Lack of Driving Insurance

All vehicles on the road in Iowa are needed to have insurance. Also, it’s important to provide credible auto insurance or your license might be suspended.

Other Driving-Related Violations

In addition to the above reasons, there are others if the driver causes an accident if he is caught in reckless driving if the driver leaves the car on the highway, as well as if you have a conviction or offense outside the state.

Physical or Psychological Disqualification

If the re-examination determines that the driver is unable to drive due to certain mental or physical disabilities, the driver’s license may be revoked.

Non-Driving Reasons for License Suspension

Some of the reasons for suspending a driver’s license do not have to be directly related to driving.

  • Truancy
  • Using another person license
  • Delinquent conduct by a minor
  • Missing a note about a points accumulation
  • Not responding to a department of transportation notice or not appearing in court
  • Altering your license in any way
  • Allowing an unlawful use of your license
  • Not paying child support
  • Not paying traffic tickets
  • False information on an application
  • Failure to pay outstanding depth to the DOT

Driving School Suspension

In case you are expelled from school, revoking your license can be another celebration.

Negligence or Driving Recklessness

Causing 3 or more accidents in a year, or participating in 3 or more moving violations in a year, can cause your license to be suspended.

Driving without a License – What happens?

Often, many traffic participants relax and forget to bring their driver’s license, forget to extend their driver’s license or simply do not take it with them. In that light, they would be sanctioned as this is clearly a misdemeanor.

For example, in California, this type of offence is sanctioned, where fines can be up to $ 1,000 in fines or up to 6 months in prison, depending on the circumstances. These are more than enough reasons to have your license checked and validated.

Where is information about Driver Licenses Located?

In the modern digital age, data storage is very easy, and also clear and practical. This means that there are systems and software that have the data of all those who committed the offense or whose license was revoked.

A database called the National Driver Register is used for this purpose, and you can also contact and request your data in this area free of charge.

How and Where to Reinstate your License?

You can renew your license at your local DMV, but this service is not free. To ensure this, you must submit certain documentation and pay certain fees. It may not be cheap, but it is certainly cheaper than the penalties you could get for disobeying the law this way.