Where is My Colorado Driver’s License Number?

Your driver’s license number is often essential to filling car-related paperwork. That’s when you go digging into your records, looking for the digits that can help you complete the paperwork. But you may have noticed that these numbers have become even more elusive with Colorado’s new driver’s license design. Instead of jumping right at you, the information follows a list pattern. Under these fields are two conspicuous terms: ‘customer identifier’ under 4d and ‘DD’ under item 5.

What do these mean, and what do they have to do with your driver’s license number?

What Are the Customer Identifier and DD?

Do you want to cut to the chase? Your driver’s license number is the same as your customer identifier. There’s nothing special about the term customer identifier. So, read what’s shown next to your customer identifier whenever anyone asks for your driver’s license number. That should do it!

But what about the DD? What’s unique about it? Like the customer identifier, every driver’s license will have a different DD (document discriminator). It’s a code used by state agencies to identify documents. Suppose you lose your license and get another one. These two licenses will have the same customer identifier but will not share a DD, which is how state agencies keep track of missing records.

Why Do I Need to Know My Driver’s License Number?

You will need your driver’s license number in more situations than you may know.

For example, if someone steals your driver’s license and you need to report it missing, you will need this number. Imagine if you had to go back home to find copies so you could quote the correct number.

An identity thief could well be on their way to cashing out on your hard-earned cash based on these vital details. When time is of the essence, you do not want to dilly dally to get the number right.

Also, most applications require a driver’s license number. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by having the number memorized or scrolled down on a notebook you keep with you. It could be the difference between jumping on an opportunity or losing out because you had to look for your documents.

So, how can you keep your driver’s license number accessible?

Trooper Josh Lewis from the Colorado State Patrol advises that you memorize the number. Alternatively, he suggests having it in a location you can easily access. He adds that this number will be important to you almost all your life, and it’s much easier to always have it with you.

What’s it going to be? – memory or notebook? Either way, ensure you safeguard this vital detail.

When Can I Get My License After Passing Driver’s Ed in Colorado?

Did you know that you can start taking driver’s education courses in Colorado from as young as 14.5 years?

That’s right!

However, you can only get your driver’s license when you are 16. In the meantime, you can complete your 4-hour driver awareness program or a 30-hour driver education course.

Would you like more information on driver’s education courses or your Colorado driver’s license?

If yes, please pore through these frequently asked questions available on the Colorado DMV website.