Alabama Driver’s License Status

When it comes to checking your license status and driving history, you need to request a driving record from the Alabama Department of Public Safety (DPS) Driver License Division. Find out about the history of convictions, violations, and collisions in the last three years. Also, you can check if your license is revoked or suspended. … Read more

How to Get Your Alabama Driving Record

Do you know that your employer probably did a deep dive on you before offering you a job? We’re not talking about past work experiences or why you were let go at your previous firm. Instead, we’re intimating that they likely pulled up your Alabama driving record to see just how many times you violated … Read more

Alabama Suspended License: Reinstatement Guide

How keen are you on following traffic rules? It might be time that you started paying attention to traffic lights and stop signs. The Alabama Department of Public Safety does not play when it comes to protecting the lives of those it serves. It cracks down on all people who flout traffic rules and can … Read more