DWI With Open Container Attorney

Having an open container in a motor vehicle in the State of Texas is considered a class B misdemeanor. The case is separate from a standard DWI conviction and incurs its own penalties. The state takes open container offenses very seriously and the resulting penalties are enough to throw an individual’s life into disarray for … Read more

Third DWI/DUI Representation

Third time DWI convictions can result in some of the greatest penalties served by the Texas state legal system. The 3rd time offense and the penalties will be much heavier than those delivered to a 1st or 2nd time DUI/DWI. Every aspect of the penalties will be dramatically increased and the convicted individual will have their life affected … Read more

Texas DWI/DUI Penalties

The penalties for DWI/DUI offenses are continuing to get increasingly more severe. A good lawyer aggressively defends the rights of citizens charged with a DWI or DUI in Texas and understands how to challenge the field tests and breath tests, how to help people obtain occupational driver’s licenses for work and how to avoid harsh … Read more