How to Get Your Colorado Driving Record

Driving in Colorado is a dream come true for most drivers.

Let’s start with the fact that most drivers are keen on traffic rules. So, you seldom come across a reckless driver engaging in a drag race in the middle of the road. Also, Colorado has very few urban areas. Unless you’re driving through Boulder or Denver, you’re probably making your way through deserted towns, plains, and farmlands.

How likely are you to overtake another vehicle or even refuse someone the right of way?

With such unique statistics on your side, getting a clean or almost clean driving record should not be a problem.

But how do you get your hands on your driving record?

Get Your Colorado Driving Record Online

In the past, drivers who wanted to access their driving records online often had to go through third-party websites like Inteligator. Once you provided them with the required details, they charged you a processing fee on top of the state fees and got to work. Unfortunately, some of these sites were often unreliable and often charged for extra services that drivers hardly needed. If you want to work with a third-party service provider, we recommend using a trustworthy site and ensuring you only check the ‘Driving Record’ box.

But third-party sites are not the only portals to your Colorado driving record.

The state government recently upgraded its website to facilitate online driving record requests. So, you can skip sending mail or physically appearing before the state department to get your driving record. Instead, you can get the request over and done with in under ten minutes. How?

  • Fill out the form available here. You’ll need to include your driver’s license number, valid email ID, date of birth, signature, and a copy of your photo ID bearing your signature.
  • Facilitate a credit card payment based on the record you want. For non-certified driving records, you’ll pay $9 and will get the record delivered to your email address upon processing. Certified driving records cost $10 and will be delivered through postal mail, so you’ll need to wait a few weeks before getting your record.

Are there other application methods? Sure! Keep reading for alternatives.

Get Your Driving Record by Mail

The mail application requires you to send a written request to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). Given that there’s no specific format, you should draft a letter and include:

  • Your full name on your primary ID
  • Your date of birth
  • Your driver’s license number
  • Why you want your driving record
  • Whether you want a certified or non-certified driving record
  • Your signature

If you’re paying by check or money order, please make it out to the Department of Revenue. Non-certified driving record applications cost $9, while certified ones will set you back $10. The requests should also be addressed to different recipients.

Send non-certified driving record applications to:

Department of Revenue,

Division of Motor Vehicles,

Driver Control Section,

Denver, CO 80261-0016

You should submit certified driving record applications to:

Department of Revenue,

Division of Motor Vehicles,

Driver Control Section at 1881 Pierce Street,

Lakewood, CO 80214

Mail applications often take a few weeks to process. However, non-certified record applications will be out faster than their certified counterparts.

Get Your Driving Record in Person

How about visiting the DMV to obtain your driving record in person? While most driver’s license offices are in Denver, you might be lucky to have one near your neighborhood. You can check with the DMV on which locations are most convenient to you.

You will need to provide:

  • Your physical driver’s license,
  • Information on your vehicle,
  • Your social security number, and
  • Cash (credit card payments may not always be an option in the DMV, more so outside Denver).

The DMV will have the forms you need to fill, so you don’t need to print anything from the website. Given the time you might spend in the queue, packing a snack or two can never hurt.

What to Do with Your Colorado Driving Record

Now that you have your driving record, what’s next?

Before using it for official purposes, we advise that you verify the information. What are the chances that your records will have errors? Very few, but it never hurts to check.

Review every traffic offense, and if anything seems off, do not hesitate to reach out to the Colorado DMV. You can contact them at (303) 205-5600 or at TDD at (303) 205-5940.

If everything seems fine, you can now use your driving record for official reasons, be it employment, court processes, etc.

Avoid Points on Your Record by Attending an Online Traffic School

Some states allow drivers to enroll in traffic school to get their traffic tickets dismissed. Unfortunately, this is not the case in Colorado. However, if the court permits you to attend traffic school, you can use this as an opportunity to get your fines waived or reduced. You can even get your traffic tickets dismissed or increase your chances of reinstating your driver’s license or negotiating better insurance premiums.

So, which schools can you consider? iDriveSafely offers an online course that’s received approval from several courts. Check out this list to see which courts approve this course. If you want to cut back on spending, check out GoToTrafficSchool, as it has the cheapest course in Colorado.


Your driving record is a gateway to more employment opportunities, better insurance premiums, and a better case at the court. Now that you have three easy ways to access this record keeping track of your points will only become easier.