Colorado Driver’s License Renewal

Perhaps your Colorado driver’s license is about to expire or it has already expired. Don’t drive with an expired driver’s license. It is illegal and you risk running into trouble if a law enforcement officer stops you for a traffic violation.

While many people don’t regard it as a big deal, you should not leave anything to chance. Consider renewing your license at the earliest convenience instead and don’t risk anything. It’s important to point out that drivers under 21 years of age aren’t capable of renewing their Colorado driver’s license until they turn 22. You can read here about how to check Colorado driver’s license status.

Let’s check a few different ways of renewing a driver’s license in Colorado.

Renewing Colorado Driver’s License by Mail

Many Colorado drivers opt to renew their driver’s license by mail. Please note that this option is unavailable to those without a clear record. Check whether you are eligible or not by visiting the Colorado DMV Renew by Mail site. You will be able to see your eligibility shortly after submitting your information.

Eligible drivers looking to renew their driver’s license by mail are required to print out and mail their application to the Department of Revenue. It includes the renewal fee.

Those who want to change their license photo or name have to renew their Colorado driver’s license in person. Instead of sending their application by mail, they need to visit a local Colorado DMV office. The requirements depend on the age of the applicant.

Renewing Colorado Driver’s License Online

Today, many Colorado drivers renew their driver’s licenses online. If you prefer this way of renewing your driver’s license, bear in mind some facts before making up your mind:

  • This application cannot be used for renewing commercial driver’s licenses online.
  • It is not possible to change the address when completing a renewal through this service.
  • Male drivers aged between 18 and 25 are registered automatically for selective service.
  • It takes up to 30 days for ID documents or driver’s licenses to arrive in the mails.

The renewal eligibility can be checked here. Whether you want to renew your identification card or driver’s license online, both your old credential and a printed receipt will act as a temporary credential. Keep in mind that this credential isn’t the same as with people visiting Colorado driver’s license offices in person.

Read our guide: What to do if your driver’s license was lost or stolen?

Other Things to Consider When Renewing Your Driver’s License Online

  • Possessing a valid email address is necessary.
  • Applicants must have a MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover credit card.
  • The eligibility requirements must be satisfied to renew a State ID or driver’s license online.

If you meet all the requirements listed above, you’re all set to renew your Colorado driver’s license online. Note that there is an administrative processing fee for all transactions involved.

Renewing Colorado Driver’s License in Person

Renewing a driver’s license in person can be done at any Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) location. In order to make an appointment, applicants need to:

  • Bring a permit or their expired driver’s license.
  • Provide proof of residence (address).
  • Know their Social Security number.
  • Pay the renewal fee of $21 that applies to Colorado driver’s licenses.

Some applicants must pass a vision test when renewing their license in person. Sometimes they are photographed and fingerprinted.

Applicants Who Turn 21

Are you 21 years of age or older? Remember that you’ll have to apply for an adult driver’s license, identification card, or permit when you turn 21. Read on to learn more.

What Should You Bring to Your Appointment

Here are a few things to consider when applying for an adult driver’s license in Colorado:

  • Be sure to replace your stolen or lost driver’s license
  • You will have to pass both the driving test and written exam before purchasing an instruction permit and a driver’s license if your license expired more than 12 months ago.
  • If you’re a permanent legal resident or U.S. citizen whose Colorado driver’s license is currently expired, you’ll be asked to provide an additional document (check the DR2300A for more information) to prove your physical presence in the United States.

Office Visit: What to Expect?

  • Reviewing temporary documents for accuracy
  • Vision screening (for permits as well as driver’s licenses)
  • Fingerprint and signature capture
  • Photo

When Will You Get a New Driver’s License?

Assuming that you’ve provided the correct address, you’re likely to receive your ID card, permit, or driver’s license via mail in 10 to 14 business days. Please note that it takes up to 30 days for documents to arrive sometimes. If you don’t receive a new driver’s license within 30 business days, visit this service to track your driver’s license status.