Colorado Driver’s License Status

For getting a copy of the Colorado Driving Record and check your Colorado driver’s license status, you need to visit the Colorado DMV office. However, you can also do that in-person or with online service. After that, you will complete, sign, and date the DR 2559 form. The next thing you should do is to submit a letter of explanation and enter your DOB, SSN, DRL. After providing a photocopy of an ID, the only thing left is to pay the fee for the driving record.

The Colorado DMV Mailing Address is Colorado DMV Mailing Address, Department of Revenue. Driver Control Section. P.O. Box 173345. Denver, CO 80217-3345


The first thing you need to do is to visit and complete the process. You can see the instruction below in the text.

Requesting driving record in Colorado.

The data you will have to share are Colorado Customer Identifier / DL#, Last Name, Date of Birth, Last Four Digits of SSN or ITIN, A valid credit card, An email address.
Verifying identity to get a driving record in Colorado.You can choose to get a certified and uncertified copy of your motor vehicle record online. Non-certified copies will be emailed to your address and certified copies will be sent via postal mail.

Complete the procedure by instructions:

  • Before everything, select a driver record type. You will manage to find it in the drop menu. There are three options the visitors can request, and they are – Self-request, Private Investigator, Attorney.
  • Next step requires verifying your identity. You’ll have to provide correct Colorado Customer Identifier, your last name, date of birth and las four digits of SSN or ITIN.
  • The next step is to choose between a certified and uncertified report. For the certified report you have a Yes button, and for an uncertified report click on the No button. Keep in mind that the fee for a certified report is $1, and the Division of Motor Vehicle will send you the report to your email. After you do that, click on the “Next” button. You will see the information about the fee that you need to pay will be displayed, and you should click on the button: I Certify.
  • Next thing you should see is a modal window. Click on the OK button to agree with the terms. After you do that, simply click “Next”.
  • The next step is to enter your email address in order to confirm payment. Check the fees and click on the Make a Payment button. When you do this, you will submit the payment.
  • You will see that you are redirected to a website of an external credit card payment website. For proceeding, you need to click on the OK button.
  • Sumbit your payment.
  • After you made the payment on the external site, you will see a confirmation page.

By Mail

You need to fulfill/or attach: your full name, date of birth, driver’s license number, the signature of the driver, Photocopy of driver photo ID bearing the signature. Despite that, you also need to fulfil the form DR2489, and pay the Appropriate fee.

The acceptable payment forms are cash, checks, credit cards, etc. Despite that, you also need to get familiar with the fee. For instance, the fee for Drivers License renewal is $30.87. You can check the fees on the link that we attached.

In Person

You can require a certified or uncertified motor vehicle record at driver license office.

For uncertified copies, you can go to the Driver License Offices or visit the online service on

Certified copies of driver histories and certified copies of driving records and driver histories are available only at the Division of Motor Vehicles, 1881 Pierce St., Lakewood, CO 80214 or by mail (see below mailing address).

If you request driving records online (to check license status for example), note that a certified record will be sent via postal mail. On the other hand, the uncertified record can be sent either via postal mail or by email.

Submit the DR2559 Permission for Release of Driver Records to Self of Another person to include the following:

  1. Filled DR 2559 form with the signatures in all sections that are required
  2. A typed letter with an explanation of the circumstances for which they need a Letter of Clearance. (Indicate whether they have ever been to/a resident of Colorado, etc.)
  3. Last 4 digits of the Social Security Number
  4. Full name
  5. Date of birth
  6. Driver License Number (if available)
  7. Complete and legible original signature of the driver
  8. Photocopy of driver photo ID bearing the signature (both sides)
  9. Return address and contact phone number/email
  10. In the end, be sure to get familiar with the Appropriate fees

Mail to: Department of Revenue. Driver Control Section. P.O. Box 173345. Denver, CO 80217-3345

Forms that can help you find here:

How to Read the Report

There are a couple of phrases you need to get familiar with to understand how to read the report.

Revocation: If your license is revoked, it is not valid anymore and it can not be re-issued. After you reinstate your driving privilege, you need to take the written and driving test again, in order to get a new license.

Suspension: In other words, suspensions means temporary removal of the driving privilege. You should know that a valid license may be re-issued upon reinstatement. Also, if your license has expired you need to renew it upon reinstatement. In the cases of suspension when the driver collects too many traffic violation points, the suspensions will require a written test at renewal.

Denial: A restraint action when no valid license exists at the time of restraint.

Cancellation/Denial: This includes actions to void a Colorado license and deny the driving privilege. Reinstatement is required and the driver needs to pass a written and a road test.

Cancellation: Cancellation is a process that does not require reinstatement. Yet, that only counts if the cancellation is compiled within a timely manner. If there is another license or permit, the cancellation may be issued. However, that counts only when the reason for cancellation is still outstanding.

Colorado Drivers License Appointments

Many people go to DMV offices, so it can be overcrowded often. The lines are so long, that people wait even for three hours. For that reason, the best option is to book an appointment in order to finish the procedure as quickly as possible. Also, the employers will have time to prepare the necessary documents for your required records.

The Colorado DMV Online Appointment System

If you want to book an appointment in your local DMV office, visit the online DMV appointment scheduler. You will be asked to pick the service that you need and your appointment will be scheduled in the upcoming future.

Available service for setting an appointment are:

  • Applying for a new driver’s license or renewing an old one
  • Getting a new permit or ID card
  • Taking the written driving exam and the road skills test
  • Filing a change of name or address
  • Reinstating a suspended driver’s license
  • Replacing a driver’s license that has been lost or stolen

Driver License Renewal

Online license renewal

You can request renewing of your license online and the period of delivery will be up to 30 days. Males between the ages of 18 to 25 will automatically be registered for selective service when renewing online. The commercial drivers need to know that the commercial driver licenses can not be renewed online. If the person wants to renew a license in this way, he/she must have had an eye examination by an optometrist or ophthalmologist within the last three years.

In order to be eligible to renew online, the following criteria must be satisfied:

  • You are a U.S. citizen;
  • You are 21 to 65 years old;
  • Your current (adult) license is valid or expired for less than one year;
  • Your last license was issued in an office or was not renewed online the last two times;
  • The name on your current driver license has not changed;
  • Your social security number is on file with the Department of Revenue;
  • No tests are required to renew the license;
  • No pending actions on driving record;
  • All outstanding tickets are paid; and
  • there are no bad checks on file.


Colorado drivers over the age of 21 can require a renewal of the driving license by email as well. Visit the DOR’s myDMV website to check eligibility.

Office renewal

If you want to finish the procedure In-Person, you should go to your local DMV office. Note that you can book an appointment to renew your driver’s license online. All U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and individuals with lawful status in the U.S. may also visit any driver’s license office during normal hours without an appointment.

When the person goes to an office to renew a driver license, he needs to have a valid (or expired less than one year) Colorado driver license, instruction permit, or identification card, proof of social security number, proof of Colorado address, and to pay the applicable fee. Proof of lawful presence in the U.S is mandatory for new customers.

Keep in mind that if the driver’s license has been expired for more than one year, the person needs to pass a written exam and the driving test before getting a new license.

Drivers over 65

Drivers over the age of 65 cannot renew their driver’s license online.

They need to visit the DMV office and may renew-by-mail every other renewal cycle. First-time applicants or those who wish to step down from a driver’s license to an identification card must visit an office.

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