Third DWI/DUI Representation

Third time DWI convictions can result in some of the greatest penalties served by the Texas state legal system. The 3rd time offense and the penalties will be much heavier than those delivered to a 1st or 2nd time DUI/DWI. Every aspect of the penalties will be dramatically increased and the convicted individual will have their life affected for years.


These unfortunate incidents can throw a person’s life into turmoil. The final decision of the court and possibility for a serious conviction greatly weighs on the individual being prosecuted. Laura understands the Texas legal system and specializes in handling DWI cases.

With her support, a powerful defense can be set to give the arrestee a better chance at winning the final decision of the court in their favor. The state of Texas takes third time DWI/DUI convictions very seriously and the following penalties may be incurred:

  • Regular Counseling
  • DWI/DUI Repeat Offender School
  • 1,000 Hours of Court Mandated Community Service
  • Alcohol Programs
  • Heavy Court Fees
  • $10,000 Fines
  • Interlock Device for the ignition
  • Suspended Driver License
  • Minimum Two Years of Incarceration Time and Maximum of Ten Years

Penalties are subjected to the courts final decision. In the event a judge feels that the above penalties do not apply, they can be altered accordingly to a certain degree. The court will always serve lighter penalties to clients that take specific actions and enroll in particular programs. Professional attorney knows what steps need to be taken, when and how.