Oregon Driver’s License Status


Visit the online service and request for your driving record online. You should follow the instructions if you want to find out how to request it. Provide the following information in the necessary sections.

In Person

If you want to request a record In Person, you should book an appointment, so there would be no reason to wait in long lines. Don’t forget to wear a mask and to maintain a social distance. Find your local DMV office and book an appointment.

By Mail

If you want to get a copy of your driving record online, you should visit DMV’s website.

Besides this, there is an option to order the record by mail, from DMV Headquarters. After your request has been sent, you will get records by mail. However, if you want to get them by fax, you will need to provide information such as date of birth, place of birth, address of record, mother’s maiden name, etc.

For requesting another person’s personal information, as well as yours, you will need to submit a written request that includes some information. The first thing you should choose is the type of the record – use Form 735-6691. There are two options: vehicle and driver record.

For vehicle records, you need to provide an identification number, plate number, and owner information. On the other hand, for driver records, you need to provide name, date of birth, address, and driver’s license number. Thanks to these pieces of information, DMV will manage to identify the correct record.  Other than this, it is necessary to submit a check or money order, payable to Oregon DMV, for the correct fee (Form 735-6691).

There is another option.

You can complete the form 735-7266 called “Order Your Own Record”. Include all the necessary information in the right sections. After completing, mail the request to the address: DMV Record Services, 1905 Lana Ave. NE, Salem OR 97314.

Driver Records Fees

For requesting a Certified 3-Year Non-Employment Driving Record that includes Oregon accidents; Diversion agreements; and Convictions not in the employment driving record, you will pay a $1.50 fee.

For requesting Certified Open-Ended Non-Employment Driving Record (that includes Oregon accidents, Diversion agreements, and convictions not in the employment driving record), you will pay a $1.50 fee. This record is only to be used by insurers and insurance support organizations. However, an individual can request his or her own insurance abstract to obtain an insurance discount following ORS 746.265(3).

For requesting a Certified 3-Year Employment Driving Record that includes Oregon job-related Convictions, Accidents, and CDL entries, you will pay a $2 fee. However, in case the record is not found, the fee will be $1.5. It may happen that the record comes with certain commercial entries.

For requesting Certified Court Print that includes 10 years: Convictions for major traffic offenses; Commercial driver license entries; Diversion agreements; and Alcohol rehab entries or 5 years:

Certified Court Print for ten years and five years contains different pieces of information. The ten-year certified court print contains convictions for major traffic offenses; Commercial driver license entries; Diversion agreements; and Alcohol rehab entries. On the other hand, the five-year certified court print contains convictions for minor offenses; Accidents; Suspensions; Cancellations; and Revocations. Both documents are going to cost you $3. However, if the document cannot be found, the fee will only be $1.5

A Certified Court Print with CDL Medical Certification includes almost the same data as a certified court print. However, this time, the document also comes with CDL medical qualifications. For requesting that document, you will have to pay $3. Just like in the previous case, if the document cannot be found, the fee is going to be $1.5

Suspension Package includes certified copies of suspension documents on a court proceeding as well as a certified court print. The fee is going to be 11.50 dollars per request. The price doesn’t change even if the suspensions do not exist. The fee for an unfound record is 1.5 dollars.

For requesting a Driver License Information that includes name, address; License number; Date of birth; License type; Issue and expiration dates; Restrictions; and Endorsements, you will have to pay the following fees:

  • Fee: $1.50 (Information provided on a certified print. $1.50 will be charged even if the record cannot be found.)
  • Fee: $1.50 (Information provided by phone. This option is only available to DMV Record Inquiry Account holders.)
  • Fee: $.25 (Information provided online. This option is only available to DMV Record Inquiry Account holders. $.10 will be charged even if the record cannot be found.)

If you want to request an Oregon Traffic Accident and Insurance Information you should know that copies of Accident Reports are not available. However, you can get a certified letter with this information: Identity of the owner, driver, & occupants, Vehicle registration number, Insurance information, The names of witnesses.A free Certificate of Filing is available to people who file an accident report with DMV. You should pay a $12.50 fee.

When you want to request a Police Traffic Crash Report, you should pay a $8.50 fee.

For requesting a Driver License/ID Card Application History that includes details of all original, renewal, or replacement driver license or ID card transactions, you should pay a $17.50 fee. ($1.50 if the record cannot be found)

A Miscellaneous Driver Document includes driving record or Non-restricted accident information. For this document you should pay a $4 fee.

For requesting a Purged Information, you should pay a $1.50 fee.

Vehicle Records Fees

If you want to request a Vehicle Record Printthat includes:Vehicle description; Registered and security owner information; and Other related information, you should pay a $4 fee.($2.50 if the record cannot be found)

For requesting a Vehicle Record Informationthat includes: Vehicle description; Registered and security owner information; and other related information, the fees are not always the same. There is a $2.50 fee when the information is provided by the phone. On the other hand, if you view the information online, the fee is going to be 0.35. In case you can’t find the record online, the fee is going to be 10 cents.

When you are requesting a Previous Owner Information,you should pay a $14 fee. The document comes together with a certified letter that comes with the last title transaction. However, it is important to know it also comes with previous owner information.

If you want to request a Vehicle Title History you should pay a $22.50 fee.Vehicle Title History document contains certified letters with all title transactions.

For requesting an Insurance Information Search,you will pay a $10 fee. On this document you can find a certified letter with the insurance company name and policy number specific to a vehicle or a person.

Miscellaneous Vehicle Document request will cost you a $4 fee.This document contains motor vehicle business information and information that the vehicle purge file contains.

For requesting an Odometer History Search, with a certified letter that provides all previous odometer readings provided to DMV on or after January 1, 1986., you will pay a $25 fee.

If you request a  Certification, you should pay a $1 fee. In other words, any document that is not certified can be certified for $1.

Suspension and Revocation

If a court suspends, revokes, or cancels a license, the person can get a suspension, revocation, or cancelation order while in court. Also, the court has the right to take away a person’s license and return it to the DMV.

When the license is suspended or revoked by DMV, there would be some rules that you should know. The first one is that you will get a notice of suspension and revocation to the address. Also, you will need to return your license to the DMV when the process of suspension or revocation begins. You can mail the license to the: Driver Transactions Unit, DMV HQ, 1905 Lana Ave NE, Salem, OR 97314. Keep in mind that you can not drive in that period. When the suspension period is over you will pay a reinstatement fee of $75.00 to get your license back. If you want to get more information, visit the Oregon Suspension Guide.

Types of Suspensions or Revocations

Failure to Appear

If the person does not show in court, DMV will suspend the license. The suspension will last for 10 years or until DMV receives proof that the case has been cleared with the court.

Failure to Comply

If you want to get familiar with all the facts of failure to comply suspensions, you should primarily research the Oregon House Bill 4210. That bill repealed failure to comply suspensions. More precisely, with the passage of that bill, all the suspensions of that type that come with an effective date on and after October 1, 2020 need to be imposed. On the other hand, all the failure to comply type of suspensions that were active until that day are in the effect. They are also the subject to the requirements that we will analyze below.The license can be suspended for the period of 20 years. However, the same suspension can be active until the DMV receives the document that proves a clear case from the court. Proof of clearance from a court includes an official clearance document or a clearance from the court sent electronically to DMV.

Failure to Pay Child Support

If the person does not pay child support or fail to comply with a subpoena relating to a child support or paternity case, his/her license will be suspended. The suspension will last until the Support Enforcement Division or District Attorney tells DMV to reinstate your license.

Driver Improvement

Driver Improvement Program has the purpose of maintaining safe driving. If the person is convicted of multiple traffic offenses and accidents, that person will be included in the Driver Improvement Program.

If You Are Under 18

If the person is under 18, the license will be restricted for 90 days for making two convictions, two accidents, or a combination of one conviction and one accident. You should be aware of the following information. You can see the restrictions here. If you violate them, the license will be suspended or revoked. After the third conviction or accident, your license will be suspended for 6 months, even if you turn 18 during this period. Also, for every accident after the third one, your license will be suspended for 6 months.

If You Are 18 or Older

If the person is older than 18, a driving license can be restricted for making three convictions, or three accidents, or a combination that totals three in 18 months. Also, a driving license can be suspended for 30 days, if the person has four convictions, or four accidents, or a combination that totals four in 24 months.

Driving while Under the Influence of Intoxicants

If the person is convicted of DUII, her/his license will be suspended. Also, there is a difference between this suspension and suspension under the Implied Consent law.

Implied Consent

Implied consent simply means that the person will consent to a breath, blood, or urine test if a police officer requires it. However, you should know some of the following information. If the person refuses to take a test, that can be used as a piece of evidence against the person in the court. Drivers over 21 years old can’t have more than 0.08 percent of alcohol in their blood, and drivers under 21 should not have any amount of alcohol in their blood. Suspension that is implied is separated from a suspension from a DUI conviction. If you have a valid Oregon Driver License the officer will take it and give you a 30-day temporary driving permit. After those 30 days, the suspension is in effect and the person can not use a temporary driving permit anymore. If the person receives a suspension intent from a police officer, that person needs to go on a hearing.
Suspension lengths are:

  • Failing a breath test – 90 days or one year.
  • Refusing to take a breath test – One year or three years.
  • Refusing to take a urine test – One year or three years.

Ignition Interlock Device

An ignition interlock device (IID) has the purpose of preventing the car from starting if the driver has alcohol on their breath. If the person has been required to install IID in the car, she/he needs to submit proof that in the last 90 days didn’t try to start a car with alcohol. Also, that person needs to pay for the installation of the device. If you have been required to have an IID installed in your vehicle. ​Find an installation location​​.

Habitual Offender Program

Your license will be revoked for five years if you are convicted of some of the following offenses. If you have any violation of murder, manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, assault, recklessly endangering another person, menacing or criminal mischief resulting from the operation of a vehicle. Also, if you drive under the influence of some intoxicants your license will be revoked. For reckless driving or failure to perform the duties of a driver after a collison, your license will be revoked. In case you collected 20 or more traffic violations within five years, your license will be revoked, as well. If you want to view a list of violations, visit OAR 735-064-0220.

How to Read Your Notice

Visit the Suspension Notice for getting information about how to read suspension, cancellation, or revocation license. You will manage to find all the necessary pieces of information there.


Do I need to wear a mask for my appointment?

According to public health safety measures, every person needs to wear a face mask at the DMV offices and ensure social distance.

Someone I know doesn’t have access to the internet, how can they make an appointment?

The first thing they will need to do is to contact their local DMV office or 503-945-5000 in Salem or 503-299-9999 in the Portland area. They will book the appointment.

I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment. How do I do that?

The person can easily cancel or reschedule the appointment using the online system. However, you will need to provide some of your personal information: name or license/ID number. The system will give you the option to change the date of the appointment. If you have any troubles with this online service, call your local DMV office, or 503-945-5000 in Salem or 503-299-9999 in the Portland area.

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