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What is the Ohio BMV?

The Ohio BMV is the organization that is responsible for issuing driver’s licenses and other types of identification cards.

The Ohio BMV is a government agency that was created in 1963 by the Ohio General Assembly. The bureau’s main responsibility is to issue driver licenses and ID cards, but it also regulates vehicle dealerships, keeps records on traffic accidents, and provides other services for motorists.

Ohio BMV Requirements & How to Get Started

The Ohio BMV is the state’s bureau of motor vehicles. The bureau is responsible for issuing driver licenses and identification cards. They also register vehicles and carry out safety inspections.

BMV Requirements:

  • Proof of Identity
  • Social Security Card or Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Ohio Residency (Ohio Drivers License, Ohio ID Card, utility bill, bank statement)

Driving Without an Ohio Driver’s License or without Valid OH Vehicle Registration?

Ohio law states that you must have a valid Ohio driver’s license and valid Ohio vehicle registration in order to drive in the state. If you are caught driving without your driver’s license or without your vehicle registration, you will be ticketed and could face fines up to $150.

In Ohio, it is illegal for anyone to operate a motor vehicle on the public roadways with an expired or suspended driver’s license. A person who is found driving with an expired or suspended driver’s license may be issued a ticket and fined up to $150.

Penalties for Driving on Suspended OH Driver’s License or With Unregistered Vehicles in OH

Driving on a suspended license is considered a misdemeanor in Ohio. It is punishable by up to six months in prison and $1,000 in fines. The penalties for driving on a suspended license are increased if you drive with an “unregistered vehicle.”

If you are convicted of driving on a suspended license, the court will also impose an additional penalty of one year suspension of your driver’s license.